Our business is organized into four segments:

Manufacturing, Construction, Trading, and Distribution.
Four areas of activity in which Yeshi Group, through its companies, intends to anticipate and adapt to consumers demands by offering new solutions that meet or exceed their requirements.
  • Two-wheeler transportation vehicles
  • Spare parts for all two-wheeled vehicles
  • Equipment and building materials
  • General and industrial tools
  • Metallurgical products: Iron, steel, aluminum.
  • Corrugated zinc sheets
  • Car and truck tires
  • Purchasing Office
  • Negotiation Office
  • Technical Associations
  • Distribution Network
  • Ability to mobilize
  • Import / Export
Brands closer to customers
YESHIGROUP distributes through its companies spread over 3 continents different brands: Hankook (Tires); Giant (bicycles); Greatwall, Chana (Cars); Haier (household appliances).

Through diversification, we offer a range of over 15,000 "articles" combining quality and expertise to satisfy customers.