Specialized in aluminum processing, ALUCONGO expertise encompasses two areas of activity --- aluminum processing and aluminum product commercialization.

Aluminum is a growing industry whose success depends largely on an ability to innovate and position the metal as the material of choice in the area of sustainable development. Aluminum’s considerable inherent qualities work in favor of such a position. This is why ALUCONGO makes aluminum processing its full-time business. ALUCONGO transforms raw material to product iron sheets, household items, aluzinc and galva.

The second activity of the company is commercialization of the basic factory products to useful consumer and building trade manufactured goods (hardware, industrial materials metallurgical products and materials) marketed by BERNABE.

Our Commitment: Improving continuously in a world where industrial companies must adapt quickly to new technological and environmental realities in order to satisfy customer requirements.

Our mission is to constantly build with talent and with full dedication to quality. Founded on a solid financial footing, our clients are assured of reliability – today and on into the future.
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