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GALERIES PEYRISSAC expresses everything through time, with constantly renewed selection of international brands, from the most accessible to the most prestigious. For over 102 years, GALERIES PEYRISSAC has made it a point of honor to offer the best global brands in the field of development (Home - Leisure - Garden).

Offering international brands, our primary concern is to present our customers with the ultimate in quality while meeting all expectations and concerns in the field of development. That is what gives GALERIES PEYRISSAC a special hallmark for more than a century.

  • Table and home cloth
  • Electronics
  • Crockery - Glassware - Stainless Steel
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Light
  • Curtain rod
  • Swimming pool products
  • Garden furniture ...
Home - Leisure - Garden. Each of our activities involves developing an offer, know-how and an innovative concept to strengthen our various retail trades and services. Our desire is to be a recognized leader in our businesses and our management approach. Our ambition is to build a desirable future with our customers. By continuing to cultivate the values that guided its birth and constitute its most solid foundations, the company continues to grow.

GALERIES PEYRISSAC is present in Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon.
Douala : Akwa, Boulevard de la Liberté, BP. 4062, DOUALA
Tel : (237) 33 42 12 58
         (237) 33 42 38 53
Fax (237) 33 42 25 73
E- mail :
Côte d'Ivoire

Abidjan : Plateau, Rue du Commerce,
01 BP 1867 Abidjan 01
Tel : (225) 20 25 300 00
Fax : (225) 20 21 12 05
E-mail :