Growth, Anticipation, Involvement, and Innovation
Initially founded in 1979, the YESHI Group today consists of private retail and industrial conglomerate with activities in four principal areas: Manufacturing, Construction, Trading, and Distribution.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, our Group quickly and seamlessly adapts to evolving technological advances and changing economic and market conditions to meet customers’ needs, while simultaneously integrating such advances into our business operations, thus ensuring an ongoing process for sustainable development.
To meet the changing needs of our client; our group devotes its considerable knowledge and expertise to provide the right solution, the right product at the right time.
Our strength: anticipation and development to meet challenges
Yeshi Group has a demonstrable capacity to continuously anticipate challenges and evolve or adapt to meet today’s world. Being an international entity, our group’s core attribute is its decentralized corporate model and its ability to anticipate challenges and stay ahead of them.

Each subsidiary company of the Group is autonomous in each country, working in a synergy and progressing through experience sharing and resources pooling. This method of operation ensures a close relationship with customers, which are placed at the center of all policies.
Our mission
Yeshi Group's mission is closely tied to each subsidiary objective:
  • Providing each company, the necessary resources and products for project implementation;
  • Installing appropriate policies to implement and monitoring progress toward achievement of shared objectives within the Group;
  • Engaging with clients both in service quality, and technical support;
  • Tackling new markets by offering a complete range of products and services;
  • Meeting businesses and individuals demands;
  • Offering product brands that bring us closer to customers;
Yeshi Group therefore fosters for its customers a triple ambition to meet constantly changing needs:
anticipate and adapt, provide answers with innovative services.
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