RIM COMMERCE is a leader in the importation and distribution of two, three, and four wheeler vehicles in the Moroccan market. Founded in Morocco in 2005 by Yeshi Group, our company offers a wide range of affordably-priced 2, 3 and 4-wheel motorized recreational and utility vehicles.

Outstanding quality makes RIM COMMERCE the frontrunner in this highly competitive sector of the transportation market in Morocco. You can always count on finding the most trendy, high quality models of 2, 3 and 4-wheel vehicles at RIM. And you can have buy with confidence, knowing that our products strictly comply with internationally accepted safety and environmental standards too!
107 route côtière 111, RDC ETG Ghazouane,
Mohammedia - Maroc (à côté de la SAMIR).
Tel : +212 5 23 32 99 52/54
Fax : +212 5 23 32 99 32