Principal Operator in the hardware business in Côte d'Ivoire, TECHNIBAT is organized around three divisions: Hardware Furniture - Construction Materials - Domestic equipment.

TECHNIBAT (Building Technic) is committed since its creation to the hardware business in Côte d'Ivoire; thus laying the groundwork for the current field of activity of the company. The company's main activity is the sale of hardware (household goods, building materials, mechanical tools). TECHNIBAT serves the industrial and construction sectors, small and medium businesses / small and medium industries, mining, agriculture, artisans but also in providing them with products: locksmith, building hardware and furniture, industrial supplies, electrical, hand tools, sanitary and plumbing and accessories, pool products, and garden tools.

Positioned to also supply air conditioning equipment, TECHNIBAT distributes well-known brands like VACHETTE, BEZAULT, HAFELE, HILTI, BOSCH, FACOM, SAM, VIRAX, LAWN BOY, MERMIER LE MARCHANT, AIRWELL, TECUMSEH, DANFOSS and PORCHER.

Concerned with greater economic development and job quality, TECHNIBAT has expanded its field operating activities with after-sales service, offering lawn mower and motor gear repairs. We also provide delivery service to customer’s premises.

TECHNIBAT has succeeded in positioning itself as a strong partner in the field of professional hardware.

With TECHNIBAT is really a "pleasure to build."
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Abidjan / Côte d'Ivoire
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