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UNIVERSELLE INDUSTRIES is an industrial company specialized in manufacturing and distribution of cold rolled laminated steel sheet, which is galvanized and lacquered mainly for the making of building products, iron rods and nails.

We shape and process steel material to enhance its strength and durability. At its raw state, our steel comes off the production line as a hot laminated coil. We then coat this coil with a thin layer of zinc to protect the steel against corrosion. Finally we plate the steel with a liquid organic material to increase resistance to further protect it against corrosion and to add an attractive sight.
Metal Sheets
We produce various types of metal sheets that offer ultimate in strength and durability:
  • Aluzinc sheet tray 100 STD
  • Pre-lacquered aluzinc sheet tray
  • Aluminum sheet tray STD
  • Pre-lacquered metal sheet Tile
  • Textured metal sheet tile
  • Corrugated aluzinc metal sheet STD
  • Corrugated aluzinc pre-lacquered metal sheet
Concrete Iron rods
We manufacture all sizes of Concrete Iron rods Fe E500-2. The tests performed by laboratories testify to compliance of different diameters with the features required for commercialization:
  • Compliance with linear density (weight / linear meter).
  • Compliance with bars spacing.
  • Compliance with bars height.
  • Compliance with strips height.
  • Compliance with minimum REH elasticity.
  • Compliance with rupture resistance RM.
Our concrete reinforcing iron rods are certified by the LBTP (Laboratoire du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics). The certifications (LBTP & CODINORM) attest to the quality of our end products.
We produce ordinary nails: ASIL N ° 2 – N° 14. Made of resistant wire, with low-carbon grade; they are produced according to: DIN 177, JPD and EN 10218/10219 with squared design top. The shiny surface of our nails’ appearance reveals the high quality of the finished product. This high degree of quality is guaranteed by new production technologies used in the manufacture of our nails.

Executives, officials, farmers, entrepreneurs, be they of wealthy or modest means, can find with UNIVERSELLE INDUSTRIES what they need to make their dreams come true -- building a comfortable and sturdy home with quality products at purchased at reasonable prices.
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