Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Ambition, Professionalism are four values that best represent Yeshi Group’s work philosophy. More than values, they are reflections of our corporate culture, underscored by the Group history and workforce dimension.
Innovation: service quality
In Yeshi Group, innovation enables us to face the future, enhances our capacity to be more efficient in the areas in which we operate with the use of latest technology; providing support and quality services and meeting our clientele needs with more original, safe and reliable products.
Customer Satisfaction: customer focus
Customer is KING. That is why we focus on its satisfaction as a main goal and guideline. We continually strive to be attentive to clients. We seek to anticipate and understand their needs by being available to bring answers with precision and professionalism while building strong long lasting relationships.
Our actions are stamped out with our ideal, which is to attain “the best” in everything we do. We are fully committed to putting collective interests of the group ahead of individual wants, with building an organization where experiences are shared and in which success is considered as mutual achievement. By meeting ours clients’ ambitions we create value every day.
Being an entrepreneurial company, Yeshi Group has always been part of a long-term vision. Making the enterprise a company in which professionalism is a key value is discernible in all activities and quality of management. Whether conceiving, manufacturing, marketing a product or mobilizing teams, professionalism is reflected in the collective expertise and shared values of the Group, and in the Group’s pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.
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