64 CONSTRUCTION was initially created to meet the internal needs of the group to build stores, hangars, warehouses or to renovate apartments ... but is opening up more and more to the outside to build villas, banks, buildings for a thermal power plant…


His skills and field of action range from design to completion of projects by intervening in all trades from the shell to the finishing work.

Treichville, Zone 3
Rue des Carrossiers
01 BP 232 ABIDJAN 01

Phone : 21 25 74 88
Fax : 21 25 74 89



    From the conception to the realization of all your projects:
  • Feasibility of operations
  • Design
  • Building permit file
  • 3D and synthetic imagery
  • Execution plan
  • Site supervision…



  • Seasoned specialist
  • Increase in staff to meet high demand
  • Expertise and experience of a professional
  • Four internal workshops of wood joinery, aluminum joinery, varnishing and ironwork have also been set up.
  • Expansion of the equipment fleet with vehicles, machinery and equipment.
  • With the support of the group, the synergy between its different companies which compose it, its qualified teams, 64 CONSTRUCTION cultivates an ambition commensurate with this great potential which belongs to YESHI GROUP.


The Group

The synergy of a Group.

Yeshi Group provides local solutions and offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of all.

The activities of Yeshi Group are organized around five areas.

Distribution, Industries, Services, Agriculture, Automotive.

Yeshi Group, is more than twenty companies across 7 African countries.

We are present in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Morocco.